The Planner Education Suite

Wedding business education for planners

A collection of resources designed to help you book more clients, deliver high-end services, and increase your revenue so they can scale your business based on the lifestyle you want.

Not every planner needs the same level of support. Explore these options to discover which resources will best help you. 

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1:1 Support

Direct access to me via half-day intensives, coaching calls, and more. 

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DIY Resources

A collection of resources that will help you level up at your own pace. 

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Planning luxury events that are featured in international press 

Booking out your calendar months in advance


Receiving raving referrals from past couples 

Working with couples who understand and value your services 

Being the go-to luxury wedding planner in your area

When you’ve set up your business for success, the possibilities are endless. 

Through half-day intensives and business coaching directly with me, I walk you through how to start and scale your wedding planning business strategically, so you can generate more revenue by how you package, position, and price your services for your unique target market - even when it feels saturated (hint: it’s never by undercutting the competition).

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Excel and Scale with Melissa Williams


A half-day, 1:1 coaching intensive to brainstorm, set up, and execute your strategic business plan. 


2 Payments Of $1500 Or One Payment Of $2750 (Save $250)

A printed version of my “resource sheet” that reveals all of my favorite systems, access to my favorite wedding items, the templated timeline I use in my own wedding planning business, and access to my preferred vendor list

Coaching through my signature 5-lesson planning business curriculum

A delicious lunch that caters to your dietary restrictions

A follow-up call 2 weeks after completing the half-day intensive to track your progress

- Fêtes by Khiara

“Melissa helped me at a really pivotal time in my business.”


I was determining if I should completely redesign and elevate my business or if I should completely close my business down.

Increase their income by implementing top revenue-generating strategies that work even if the market is saturated

Generate more client inquiries so their calendar is bursting at the seams with dream clients

Set up their business so they can take a vacation when they want to have fun, and spend time with their family when they want to make more memories

Streamline their systems, workflows, and timelines to eliminate “fires,” wasted time, disappointed clients, and inefficiencies

Reposition their services and raise their prices to serve the luxury wedding market and deliver higher-end results for clients with higher expectations and budgets

Rewrite their contracts, proposals, and questionnaires to better serve their clients, protect their business, adequately communicate their unique selling point, and get to the heart of their clients’ wedding wants

Discover time-saving tips, productivity hacks, and a lifestyle roadmap designed to fit your desired lifestyle

Does this sound like you? 

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designed for emerging and ambitious wedding planners who want to:

mentorship program


A Curriculum that has ALLOWED me to consistently Generate SIX Figures in my Business

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In lesson one, you’ll learn how to start smart. You’ll lay a solid foundation in your new business or retrofit your existing one so it works for you, not against you. We’ll identify your target audience and unpack your client avatar so you know who you need to speak to and where you need to advertise, share your content, and/or get featured to get in front of them.



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In lesson two, you’ll set up smart systems that allow you to decrease your redundancy and inefficiency, as well as the number of hours you work each week. I’ll pull back the curtain and show you exactly what systems we use in our workflows and how to create comprehensive workflows that leave your clients raving about their experience with you.



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In lesson three, you’ll learn strategies to help you book more couples. We’ll unpack how to increase your inquiries, conduct effective sales calls, close the client without feeling pushy, and build an email list to capture traffic on your website. You’ll also learn how to cultivate vendor relationships, why consulting with vendor partners on your timeline is crucial, how inviting them to site visits makes your job easier, and how to communicate the final timeline or any changes beforehand in a way that makes every vendor your BFF. I’ll also share with you how one particular, least expected vendor can either set the tone or derail the wedding day and what to look out for when this vendor is hired.



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In lesson four, you’ll learn how to create a smart wedding planning timeline that keeps you and your couples on track, shows you which tasks to tackle in what order and at their appropriate time so no balls are dropped, and ensures a seamless wedding day. You’ll template this timeline so you can easily make tweaks for every wedding - ensuring your client experience is consistent and efficient.



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In lesson five, you’ll create a seamless follow-up system for clients after the event, so you stay top-of-mind for referrals. I’ll also teach you how to collect powerful testimonials and reviews you can use on your website, throughout your marketing, and on social media as proof of your amazing services.



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-Tiffany Ingram

“Melissa is truly a godsend!”


When I signed up for Excel and Scale, I didn't know what to expect. All I knew I didn't want to be paying for was a class that gives you just enough to have me hanging by a hook just for you to purchase another. class.

Celebrations by Tiffany

Additional Coaching Services

60-Minute Phone Consult

Chances are, you’ve already exhausted Facebook groups, mini-courses, and Google trying to find the best way to move your business forward. 

Whether you have a specific question or a whole list, you get my complete attention on your business. I’m here to answer any and every question you could have, from finances to systems to client experience and more. 

I’ll give you smart, actionable advice you can implement easily and begin profiting from right away.



Live Event Audit

The best way to access your process is to see it in action! Instead of coming to my half-day intensive event, I’ll swap with you and come to one of your events or weddings (up to 5 hrs) to audit your approach.

I’ll work with you in real-time to put out any fires and assist you however you need, and you can observe first-hand how I get things done! 

Following your event, we’ll have a consultation where I’ll give you my report and share actionable tips you can implement to improve your processes, planning experience, and end result. 

Starting at $2,000


Shadow Me For A Day

If you’re looking for a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground experience, you can shadow me for a day at one of B Astonished Events' very own weddings! 

We’ll pick a date that works for you, and you’ll spend the whole day observing my process from start to finish. You’ll be able to ask questions in the moment to ensure you’re soaking up every detail. 

After the event, we’ll meet to discuss your follow-up questions, as well as systems you can implement in your own business. 

Starting at $1,250





Yes, I absolutely do! If you’re outside of our geographical area and can’t make it in person, reach out to me to find out when the next virtual intensive is or to get on my wait list. I’d love to work with you, no matter where you call home!

While a half-day intensive helps you get the most bang for your buck and walk away with a lot of smart strategies to supercharge your business, I understand that not everyone can start there. I do offer 1-on-1 hourly consult calls where you can ask me the questions that are keeping you up at night or share your struggles and get an actionable solution. 

Not at all! Whether you’re a brand new wedding planner or are years into your business and feel stuck in the same position you were when you started, the half-day intensive is perfect for you! We will cover how to increase your revenue and pinpoint other strategic areas you can focus on to grow your business, based on where you’re at right now.

We compare schedules and pick a date within the next 6 weeks so you can start improving your business and seeing results right away.

Yes! If you would like to book a bundle package of more than one experience, please reach out via email.

Have more questions? Reach out to get ‘em answered!


- Johanne Belzor Events

“Melissa's wealth of knowledge is mind blowing.”

She teaches you how to best maximize your time with the suggested systems, workflows and timelines. Melissa also offers insight on how to make the client experience a luxurious one. 

smart decisions that propel your wedding business to success. 

Not sure what your business needs? Contact me and let’s chat! 

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