Are Wedding Websites necessary in 2021?


Photography: Terri Baskin
Photography: Terri Baskin

We know that creating a website for your wedding isn’t a new concept, but it has become increasingly popular. With a global pandemic impacting weddings across the nation, having a wedding website has almost become a necessity. With State and Country guidelines constantly changing and venue restrictions fluctuating, it’s safe to assume that you will need to prepare prompt updates for your guests. To alleviate unwelcomed stress, a wedding website will be very beneficial for you and your anticipated guests. 

Here are some of a wedding website benefits that you may or may not have thought in regards to a website during our present time. 

Sharing your story

Have your distant relatives had the opportunity to see you or your fiancé since you have been engaged? Chances are family reunions were canceled and engagement parties were scaled down to a more intimate affair, limiting the amount of interaction with many of our loved ones. They probably knew you were dating before getting engaged, but never heard the story about how you both met or how the proposal happened first hand. After social distancing over the last few months, sharing your love story and proposal story on the wedding website will allow your guests to grow a little closer to you and your fiancé leading up to the wedding day. 

Sharing Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture your sense of happiness and anticipation leading up to the big day. Some couples use their engagement photos for their save-the-dates, Facebook, and Instagram, but we are positive that there are many more in the archives waiting to be shared. Why not share them on your wedding website? You can dedicate an entire page of your wedding website to your engagement photos. It is the perfect place for a “photo dump”. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your beautifully captured photos didn’t go to waste? Some wedding websites even have the option for guests to leave special messages and comments on photos. Look at that, your social media for just you and your guests. 

Photography: Joshua Dwain
Photography: Joshua Dwain

Live Streaming Your Wedding

There may be some guests that are still reluctant to attend large gatherings, including your wedding. If you still want them to be a part of your special day, offer a live stream link from your wedding website. Hiring a professional videographer to live stream your wedding ceremony can be an option for your guests that respectfully declined. Since they already have access to your wedding website, it will be easy for them to find the link and tune in. A live stream invitation can also be extended to your B-list invites, but we highly recommend sending a separate invitation to them since they initially did not have access to your wedding website.

Latest News/Updates 

Imagine having to send out a “save the date” then a “re-save the date” following an  “okay really, save this date”. You can avoid this financially draining option by listing your wedding website on the initial “save the date”. To avoid family and friends constantly pestering you with text and calls about the status of your wedding, a page specifically dedicated to wedding updates can be created. The header of the page can read something along the lines of “We will post all updates and any changes in plans here for your reference”. Chances are that majority of your guests will resort to checking your website in the future before reaching out to you or your fiancé.  


We encourage couples to continue the tradition of mailing wedding invitations, but we are now recommending that they offer guests the option to RSVP via their wedding website. Having a wedding website with RSVP capabilities makes things easier for you and your guests during a pandemic. Typically, we recommend that clients send out their wedding invitations 8-10 weeks before the wedding date with a requested RSVP date of 30 days before the wedding date. With online RSVP’s couples have more flexibility with the RSVP window allowing for the anticipation of any unforeseen circumstances from guests and COVID-19 related restrictions. 


Transparency, Transparency, Transparency! We as wedding and event planners cannot stress this enough! Don’t be shy with your guests, be upfront, and address the questions that people may be too afraid to ask you. The FAQs section of your wedding website will help guests determine if attending your wedding is in their best interest. In addition to the typical FAQ questions about dress codes, parking, bringing a guest, etc. Including questions that address COVID-19 concerning your wedding is the most important. A few of the questions that we encourage our clients to address in the FAQ section of the wedding website are:

  • What, if any, extra precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
  • How will I be notified if there are any updates or changes? 
  • If I am unable to attend, will I be able to tune in via live stream? 
  • Can I update my RSVP after my initial response has been submitted? 
  • I would love to attend your ceremony, but I am not yet comfortable with dinner and dancing. Can I RSVP only for the ceremony?
Photography: Stanlo Photography

Planning a wedding during COVID times has proven to be stressful enough. A wedding website will not only help keep your guests informed but also ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible before the wedding day. If you haven’t done so already, let’s get started on your wedding website.

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